The Purchase Department is responsible for all procurement-related matters through its six sites in Europe.

The sites are independent in their daily activities. Those include:

The Purchase Department strives to provide:

Purchase Department Mission

The Purchasing Department’s main mission is to ensure that EMBL’s orders and contracts guarantee best value for money, quality and overall compliance with EMBL financial rules and regulations.

It is also to support and collaborate with all EMBL internal stakeholders and external partners to deliver timely and accurate solutions that create value and streamline processes in supporting EMBL goals.

Who's who


EMBL Heidelberg

Goods Receipt

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday, 08:00─16:00, Friday, 08:00─15:00

Delivery address:

EMBL Warenannahme
Meyerhofstraße 1
69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Tel: +49 6221 387 8129

Please note: no access for trucks > 7,5 t

Procurement Policy

As an intergovernmental organisation, EMBL has established its own procurement rules.

The procurement procedures are selective, price enquiries and call for tenders do not take the form of an open invitation.

Invitations to tender are designed to guarantee fair competition among bidders.

Invitations to tender shall normally be limited to manufacturers and contractors located within the territories of member states, contracts shall be awarded to the firm whose tender is the lowest which satisfactorily complies with the technical and delivery requirements.

In issuing invitations to tender and entering into contracts it shall be ensured that satisfactory conditions exist in relation to applicable law, performance and specification, delivery, price, guarantees, insurance, contractor’s obligations, intellectual property and patent rights, arbitration and penalties for non-performance. Most of the cases for limiting competition are generally recognised in procurement practice, namely if only one source exists for the supplies or services, if the procurement is the continuation of a previous activity, where there is particular operational urgency, or if protected intellectual property (patent) is held by only one firm.




Tel: +49 6221-387-8212
Fax: +49 6221-387-8396
E-mail: purchase@embl.de

EMBL Heidelberg
Meyerhofstr. 1
69117 Heidelberg, Germany

Goods entry/Stores

Tel: +49 6221-387-8128
Fax: +49 6221 387 8957
E-mail: stores@embl.de

With more than 200 staff, in all support areas, ranging from caretakers and gardeners to senior management staff, EMBL Administration provides administrative support to more than 1600 members of personnel from in excess of 75 nations.