Career Accelerator for Research Infrastructure Scientists

Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals GmbH


Since the  founding of Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals GmbH in 1997, our experience in the area of research and development in the field of human cell lines has evolved extensively, resulting in the maturation of an effective, product-orient ed biotechnology firm. Our core competence is the development of recombinant pharmaceuticals as a modern alternative to plasma products.

As a partner in this project, Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals intends to cooperate with the EMBL towards training of the Fellows. Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals can host up to two Fellows per year in the period 2020-2024 through secondments and introduce them to the ways of working, instrumentation and procedures at Octapharma Biopharmaceut icals. Duration of secondments will be between 3 and 6 months and will be arranged in communication with the Fellow. Fellows who will do secondments at Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals will come from the field related or complementary to the field of work of Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals.

At Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals fellows will have a possibility to learn and get insight into drug discovery pipelines, bioprocess and analytical development as well as high throughput analytics and data mining. The Fellows will also have a chance to get acquainted with the operation of automation, mammalian protein expression and purification facilities at Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals. Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals will dedicate supervision capacity for each fellow on secondments. During secondments, Fellows can stay employed by EMBL.

Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals intends also to host mini-secondments in a duration of up to two weeks, during which Fellows will shadow operation at Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals.