Career Accelerator for Research Infrastructure Scientists

Institut Curie


Founded in 1909 by Nobel laureate Marie Curie, INSTITUT CURIE is a leading player in the fight against cancer. lnstitut Curie brings together an internationally-renowned Research Centre and an advanced Hospital Group that provides care for all types of cancer – including the rarest forms. As a private charitable foundation since 1921, INSTITUT CURIE is recognised as serving the public interest and is supported by donations and grants. This support is used to fund discoveries that will improve treatments and the quality of life of cancer patients.

As a partner in this project, INSTITUT CURIE intends to cooperate with the EMBL towards the training of the COFUND Fellows. As a function of the collaborative approach and project to be defined by the COFUND fellow, and to be subsequently agreed upon between EMBL and the INSTITUT CURIE Research Centre, one to two Fellows per year can be seconded to the Research Centre in the period between 2020 and 2024. Fellows will be introduced to the ways of working, instrumentation and procedures at the agreed upon Core Facility at INSTITUT CURIE’s Research Centre. The duration of secondments will vary between 2 to 6 months, which will be decided upon based on the Fellow’s training needs, and in agreement with the host Core Facility.

INSTITUT CURIE’s Research Centre can welcome fellows for secondments from fields related to, or complementary to, the research interests of INSTITUT CURIE’s Research Centre, which include:

Biology & Chemistry of Radiations, Cell Signaling and Cancer Development, Biology, Cancer, Genetics and Epigenetics Integrative Tumour Biology, Immunology and Environment Multiscale Physics-Biology-Chemistry and cancer Translational Research

The Fellows will also have a chance to get acquainted with the operation of core facilities that focus on, e.g., bioinformatics, imaging, proteomics, genomics, genomic/phenotypic screening etc. In the eventuality of a fellow’s secondment to INSTITUT CURIE’s Research Centre, supervision will be provided by the host while Fellows stay employed by EMBL during secondments.

INSTITUT CURIE’s Research Centre is also willing to host mini-secondments for short durations of up to two weeks, during which Fellows will shadow operations at specified Core Facilities at INSTITUT CURIE.