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EMBL in… Italy

26-27 May 2022, GSK Vaccines in Siena

EMBL invites researchers, entrepreneurs, those with an interest in infectious disease, as well as members of its own community – including alumni and staff – to EMBL in Italy 2022: Emerging approaches in human health and infectious diseases at GSK Vaccines in Siena, held on Thursday to Friday 26-27 May 2022.

20-21 May 2021, IIT, Virtual

EMBL and IIT invite all fellows, researchers, professors and senior scientists from academia and industry to the 2021 EMBL in Italy event: RNA biology and technologies. Join us to hear latest developments from thought leaders in academia and industry and to expand your networks. This free event includes coffee breaks, lunch and dinner.

6-7 May 2019, Nouscom/ReiThera, Rome

All EMBL staff, alumni, their colleagues and networks are invited to a two-day EMBL in Italy event at Nouscom/ReiThera in Rome which will feature a diverse group of speakers from leaders in industry and academia and focus on molecular medicine, biotechnology and investing in life sciences.

3-4 May 2018, IFOM, Milan

All EMBL staff, alumni, their colleagues and networks were invited to the EMBL in Italy event at IFOM in Milan held on Thursday to Friday 3-4 May 2018.

5 May 2017, TIGEM, Naples

All EMBL staff, alumni and their lab members in Italy were invited to the EMBL in Italy event at TIGEM, which was dedicated to Riccardo Cortese who passed away on 27 April 2017.

27 May 2016, La Sapienza, Rome, The Montalenti Room

The first ‘EMBL in Italy’ event hosted by EMBL Monterotondo Heads Phil Avner and Cornelius Gross was held in Rome, where EMBL has its largest number of Italy-resident alumni. We interviewed two of the speakers, Marco Tripodi and Valeria Carola.

20 June 2014, EMBL Monterotondo

Celebrating 40 and 15 years of EMBL and EMBL Monterotondo.
It was fun, fireworks, fiesta and familiar faces at EMBL Monterotondo on 20 June, as the outstation marked not one, but two birthdays with a symposium dedicated to the contribution of EMBL to European science

23 November 2012, EMBL Monterotondo

Over 50 staff and local alumni joined the EMBL Alumni Association board at EMBL Monterotondo to get to know each other, see what’s new in their work and how the two communities can support one another. This was an event organised in combination with the 20th Alumni Association board meeting.