Eukaryotic Expression Facility beta

EMBL Grenoble

The Eukaryotic Expression Facility at EMBL Grenoble includes:

Two biosafety level 1 labs for protein expression in insect cells via notably the MultiBac-EMBL system:

Two biosafety level 2 labs for the growth of mammalian cells, either adherent or in suspension:

In addition to all standard equipment, the platform also offers access to Light and Confocal Microscopes matching users' needs.


Services at EMBL Grenoble

EMBL Grenoble provides research services including access to its high throughput crystallisation facility (HTX), the fourth-generation synchrotron beamlines for macromolecular crystallography and small-angle scattering at the ESRF, and the PSB-run Titan Krios cryo-electron microscope CM01 at the ESRF.