Eukaryotic Expression Facility

The Eukaryotic Expression Facility at EMBL Grenoble includes:

Two biosafety level 1 labs for protein expression in insect cells via notably the MultiBac-EMBL system:

Two biosafety level 2 labs for the growth of mammalian cells, either adherent or in suspension:

In addition to all standard equipment, the platform also offers access to Light and Confocal Microscopes matching users' needs.


Please do not forget to acknowledge the EEF facility at EMBL Grenoble when publishing any results obtained with insect or mammalian cells. Please do so by writing, prior submission, the following sentence in the acknowledgements section of your publication:

We acknowledge Martin Pelosse for support in using the Eukaryotic Expression Facility at EMBL Grenoble.

For collaborative work, platform staff must co-sign papers.


EMBL Grenoble provides a number of research services to in-house and external users as well as having access to the services provided by other units of EMBL.