EMBL has a long-standing tradition of scientific excellence that builds on highly interactive research Units and takes pride in the level of collaborative work engaged in by its Groups and Teams, involving both EMBL-internal and external collaborators

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The Director General is the chief executive officer and legal representative of EMBL, and is responsible for overall leadership, strategic direction and management of the organisation.

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Collaborative research promotes interdisciplinarity and increases the level of interaction between EMBL Units and between EMBL scientists and the scientific communities of the member states. Various formal and informal mechanisms for promoting cross-Unit collaboration exist within EMBL. Among the most important are joint appointments.

ERC Investigators

Since the European Research Council (ERC) launched in 2007, many innovative and ambitious projects by EMBL scientists have been awarded financial support by the ERC. The ERC promotes frontier research by outstanding scientists and selects projects based solely on scientific excellence.

From genes to whole organisms, from biochemistry to computational biology, EMBL’s diverse research programme is pushing the limits of our biological knowledge. EMBL researchers are inventing cutting-edge experimental techniques and technologies to further explore the secrets of life.