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Senior Team Leader and Senior Scientist



PhD in Computer Science, Moscow State University, 1987. Postdoctoral research at New Mexico State University, USA. At EMBL-EBI since 1997.

Dr Alvis Brazma oversees the development and services for several major resources, including ArrayExpress, the Gene Expression Atlas and the BioStudies Database. His main research interests concern integrative data analysis to reveal patterns of gene and protein expression in normal and diseased state. He has over 100 scientific publications and is a Principal Investigator on several large collaborative genomics and biomedical projects, including the kidney cancer project of the International Cancer Genome Consortium.

Dr Brazma studied mathematics at the University of Latvia, Riga, before obtaining his PhD in computer science from the Moscow State University. He was a lecturer at the University of Latvia and a visiting Researcher at Helsinki University before joining EMBL-EBI in 1997.

Dr Brazma was among the first scientists to use microarray data to study gene regulation. In 1999 he founded the Microarray Gene Expression Data society was instrumental in starting ArrayExpress, one of the major international repositories for functional genomics data.


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