Social security

EMBL provides comprehensive social security benefits to all staff members, including health insurance, pension, invalidity, accident at work, long term care, death benefit and unemployment insurances.

Due to its special status as an intergovernmental organisation EMBL staff members are compulsorily insured in the EMBL social security schemes and are exempt from contributing to the national social security schemes in the EMBL host countries.

Health insurance

The EMBL Health Insurance Scheme (HIS) provides cover similar to private health care. All staff members and fellows are compulsorily insured in the scheme.

The EMBL Health Insurance Scheme provides comprehensive coverage. A life companion (as defined in the EMBL Staff Regulations) who is not working, and dependent children are covered without extra charge.

Please note that coverage under the health insurance scheme ceases once you leave the laboratory. Therefore, you are advised to investigate the conditions for reintegration into your current/former health scheme before joining EMBL. Many insurance companies provide ways of safeguarding the right to rejoin their scheme.

Every employee needs to undergo a medical examination upon taking up appointment and when leaving the Laboratory. Additional medical checks may be necessary depending on the work environment.

Pension scheme

Staff members and fellows are automatically enrolled in the EMBL Pension Scheme and are exempt from paying mandatory contributions into the national pension plans in the host countries.

Please note that the entitlement to receiving a retirement pension will start only after ten years of service as a staff member at EMBL. During your employment at EMBL the pension scheme also provides for an invalidity pension and survivor benefits in the cases of death or invalidity.

Please consult your current pension providers (national or private schemes) on ways of safeguarding your entitlements.

In addition, please note that EMBL has arranged with an external provider for the possibility to join a private pension plan with advantageous conditions. You may want to join the plan on a voluntary basis.

Death benefit insurance

Death benefit insurance as a risk insurance is available in the case of death of the insured person. All staff members are compulsorily insured and fellows have the option to join the scheme. You may also decide to include your life companion in the insurance.

Long-term care insurance

Long-term care Insurance covers part of the costs when you or a member of your family need ongoing help with normal daily activities as a result of sickness, accident or ageing.

EMBL has a group contract with a private insurer and provides a 50% subsidy for staff members or fellows.

Accident-at-work insurance

To the extent that members of personnel are not covered under the provisions of the national accident at work insurances in the respective countries they are insured by EMBL. Accident at work insurance is free of charge for all employees and covers you also on your way to and from work.

Unemployment insurance

Staff members and fellows can claim benefits from the unemployment insurance for up to twelve months if they are unemployed immediately following the expiry of their contract at EMBL, depending on time of service and family circumstances.

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