EMBL has adapted a fair and consistent remuneration system within specific compensation arrangements including salary, allowances, grants and an internal social security scheme.

EMBL regularly reviews its remuneration on the standard of other international organisations and the private sector to stay competitive.

The structure is kept simple and aims to provide effective compensation and wage for work done and achieved performance.

Basic salary

EMBL salary consists of a basic salary and allowances (family allowance, child allowance and non-resident allowance), which are dependent on the personal circumstances of the staff member. Approximate starting remuneration levels for each of the four host countries, assuming appointment at the normal starting point on the scale, are available upon request from

Salaries are also reviewed and adjusted annually taking into consideration factors such as price indices, changes in remuneration in the public sector as well as the financial situation of the organisation. Details of your remuneration will be explained in more detail by the recruiter during the interviews.


Because of EMBL’s special status as an international organisation salaries are subject to EMBL internal tax. Under the national agreements with Germany, UK, Italy, France and Spain, earnings from EMBL are not subject to national taxation in these countries, but may be taken into consideration when assessing the tax liability on total household income from other sources. Please note however that the host country agreement with Italy does not exempt Italian residents from national taxation.

If you are a non-EU-national your salary may be subject to taxation in your home country depending on the tax law and tax treaties between your home country and your EMBL duty country. There is eligibility for a foreign earned income exemption from any USA income tax liability. Please check your tax liabilities with the authorities in your home country.

Staff members are entitled to two free consultations with a tax advisor during their time at EMBL.


EMBL offers allowances in addition to basic salary / stipends for staff members and fellows depending on personal circumstances, e.g.:

No rental or housing allowance is provided, but furnished guesthouse accommodation is available for rent at various sites.

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