Family life

EMBL welcomes families from all over the world and supports them financially as well as through childcare services.

Financial benefits

Family circumstances can make a difference when it comes to employment with EMBL. Examples include marriage/legal partnership, divorce, birth or adoption of a child. In particular, these circumstances may have an impact on certain financial benefits.

Education grant

Non-resident staff members may receive an Education Grant for each child attending an educational establishment on a full-time basis in the host or in the home country.

Childcare and schooling

EMBL families come from all over the world and stay from as little as a couple of months to as long as nine years. They often have to adapt to a new life style, a new language, a new home and, if they have children, new day care facilities.

The main laboratory in Heidelberg has an on-campus, partly subsidised crèche and kindergarten for ages three months to six years.

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