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The microbiome self-paced course for educators and microbiome enthusiasts

Understanding the microbiome is critical to promoting a broad awareness of human health and disease. EMBL’s Science Education and Public Engagement team (SEPE), in collaboration with EMBL-EBI’s Public Engagement office and in partnership with Merck, invites educators and anyone interested in the power of the microbiome to shape our lives to explore this exciting area of biology in a self-paced training course this winter.

The course “The human microbiome in health and disease” includes content from previous “Introducing your microbiome” virtual LearniingLABs discussing topics such as the underlying mechanism of the microbiome that contributes to the development of disease and how a person’s microbiome can be manipulated to restore a healthy gut and teaching the topic in the classroom. Enriched with a new scientific lecture, pre-recorded scientific discussions, video guides and a brand-new pedagogical resource, this course deepens our understanding of the importance of microbiome research to each of us.

The course is free of charge, certification-ready, and runs exclusively online from 27 November 2023 to 13 January 2024, with the option to join daily. Each participant has the flexibility to explore the course content based on their own interests and at their own pace. The course language is English.

Register here by 13 January 2024.

Visit the course page to find out more.