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Apply for virtual EMBLconnect teacher training in Italian

Advances in research and technology are ever expanding our understanding of the microbes that inhabit our bodies.

CusMiBio (Centre of the University and School of Milan for Bioscience Education) and EMBL’s Science Education and Public Engagement (SEPE) office (formerly European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences) invite secondary school science teachers to explore this exciting area of biology in a virtual training course this November.

Course content
The course “Esplora il tuo microbioma”, explores the latest research developments on the human microbiome and examines how to transfer them to the classroom. It gives an overview of current human microbiome research, explores bioinformatics as a tool in microbiome research and introduces research on the microbiome in health and disease. It also features the EMBL “Introducing your microbiome- the educational resource package” in Italian which includes bioinformatics exercises that can be used to explore the microbiome in the classroom.

The two-week course runs from 14 November to 27 November 2022 and is free of charge. The workload is designed to fit a busy teacher’s schedule, and the participants receive a certificate of attendance for 12 hours. The main course language and the language of the resource is Italian. Some course components are in English.

Title: Esplora il tuo microbioma

Date: 14 November to 27  November 2022 

Location: online

Workload: 12 hours

Languages: Main language Italian; some components in English

Participation fee: free of charge

Certification: participants will be given a certificate of attendance

How to apply? To apply, please complete the application form, which can be found on the course webpage (

Application deadline: 5 November 2022

Responding to the high-school teachers’ need to receive training and exchange advice on the latest scientific developments, the University of Milan founded CusMiBio (Centre of the University and School of Milan for Bioscience Education) in May 2004, a project to improve Science Education in High Schools.  This center wants to be a bridge between the two educational systems, High School and University, with the main goal to increase knowledge and interest in Science in high school students and organizes training activities and updating courses directed to school teachers and laboratory activities for high school students, to increase their STEM skills and their interest in biosciences with the final goal of ensuring a new generation of researchers.