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Microscope in Action crosses borders to bring fluorescence microscopy learning to students everywhere

What started out as an idea to adapt a teaching microscope to secondary school students, turned out to be one of our proudest accomplishments. Microscope in Action was in the works for 4 years, travelling to various countries, being featured in science festivals and inspiring countless students. After years of testing and improving the resource, our peer-reviewed paper was finally published in The Biophysicist in late 2021. We continue to work tirelessly to realise our vision of making fluorescence microscopy accessible to students the world over. If you would like to get an overview of what the resource looks like at the moment, head on over to our project webpage here. In the meantime, we are happy to present to you our article about Microscope in Action which was featured in the latest issue of Science in School! Check out Colours in the dark here.