Shuttle service beta

The EMBL shuttle connects the EMBL Heidelberg site with the Hotel ISG and Guest Houses.

The morning and evening shuttle service for EMBL employees is free of charge and runs between the Boxberg Guest Houses, Hotel ISG and EMBL.

The evening shuttle is a roundtrip shuttle service, going from the EMBL main entrance via Guesthouse Boxberg to the Hotel ISG/Mombertplatz and back, and for the last two trips additionally down to Alois-Link-Platz and Bismarckplatz. Also there is one new trip available to HD train station starting at 18:00.


EMBL shuttle service

New route and departure times effective from 16 March 2020

Due to the earlier closure of the Kindergarten at 17:00 on Friday afternoon, the shuttle service starts earlier on Fridays, and a round trip from EMBL to the Guesthouse Boxberg and the Hotel ISG / Guesthouse Eichwald is offered at 17:00 and 17:20. These two trips are designated primarily for parents with children. If there are spare places left on the bus, employees without children are welcome to join as well.

Public transportation information

About the shuttle service

The shuttle service is a voluntary benefit offered by EMBL and is designated to transport employees when going home from EMBL after work. People living in the Guesthouses wishing to go downtown for private purposes are to use public transportation and not the shuttle! They may be asked to get off the shuttle.

In general, the shuttle service is provided by our EMBL drivers. In case of absence of one of the drivers the entire evening service will be provided by the external company ABS. The passenger capacity is then limited to 7 seats. Alternatively please use the Taxi 1004 on-call.

Please note that taxi rides will not be paid for by EMBL. If you wish to take a taxi instead of the shuttle it will be at your own expense.

Accommodation information

EMBL Hotel ISG and Guest Houses provide accommodation for scientists and visitors to EMBL Heidelberg for up to months at a time.