ESPRIT technology beta

lab equipment
Screening tens of thousands of expression constructs of a target gene. Constructs are made as a random library and printed on membranes for soluble expression analysis by hybridisation of fluorescent antibodies.


To screen a target through ESPRIT involves active participation by a scientist working closely with the Hart laboratory. The scientist should be experienced in molecular biology techniques including DNA manipulation and protein affinity purification.

An initial phase of library construction (3 weeks) can take place in the home lab under our supervision via an on-line shared labbook. In the second phase, the scientist visits EMBL Grenoble (3 weeks) to participate in automated library screening. The output is a set of clones that have been demonstrated to express solubly and that are purifiable on NiNTA resin.

Funding for transnational access (TNA) is available via the EU PCUBE project and involves an application to PCUBE. The cost of consumables and accommodation during the Grenoble visit will be covered.


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High-throughput screening for soluble protein expression

In the context of the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB), combinatorial approaches, screening and robotics are applied to develop novel methods to solve challenging problems of protein expression for structural biology.