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Dr Yasset Perez-Riverol obtained a BSc degree in Software Engineering in 2006 with the development of a high-performance algorithm for conformational search of small molecules. Between 2006-2014, he worked at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), Havana, Cuba, as a Group Leader in the Proteomics Department. During this period, he developed new machine learning algorithms and tools for peptide and protein identification using mass spectrometry data.

In 2014, he achieved a PhD in Biochemistry at Havana University and joined EMBL-EBI as Bioinformatian in the PRIDE team. Between 2014-2015, he led and developed PRIDE Inspector Toolsuite, Protein inference toolbox (PIA), PRIDE Cluster and a set of libraries and tools for visualisation, quality assessment and protein inference of proteomics experiments.

Recently, he has led the development of Omics Discovery Index, an open source platform to facilitate the access and dissemination of omics datasets coming from multiple omics studies. In addition, he has lead the BioContainers, a community for bioinformatics software containers. In 2019, he was appointed Proteomics Team Coordinator, including PRIDE Archive, PRIDE Cluster and Proteogenomics resources.


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