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Protein Function Development

Team Leader Protein Function - Development



MSc. In Veterinary medicine, Complutense University Madrid, 1990. PhD in Bioinformatics, Autonoma University Madrid, 2003.

Dr. Maria Martin leads the Protein Function Development team at EMBL-EBI. She is a world expert in the management of database resources with over twenty years of experience in developing protein sequence resources at EMBL-EBI. Since joining EMBL-EBI in 1996, she has been involved in the strategic planning, data analysis and development of many database resources at this institute with special focus on protein data and leading the bioinformatics aspects of the Universal Protein Resource (UniProt), the world leading database of classified and functionally annotated protein sequences. Additionally, she leads the GO Annotation development team and the Enzyme portal resource. Her interests include the study of novel methods for protein annotation and representation, the provision of quality annotation Reference Proteomes for the scientific community, and data analysis and visualisation of protein data in the context of other –omics data i.e. proteomics and variation. She is key staff of the UniProt Consortium and an active member of the GO and QfO Consortia

Dr. Martin is the EMBL-EBI Scientific Lead for Open Targets, a public-private partnership that uses human genetics and multi-omics data for systematic drug-target identification and prioritisation.


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