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Lorna Richardson is the Coordinator for EMBL-EBI’s Microbiome Resources and is responsible for the content of the MGnify data resource. MGnify provides access to analysis of metagenomics, metatranscriptomics and assembly microbiome data, providing functional and taxonomic profiles of relevant datasets. Lorna is also responsible for Genome Properties, a resource used in the analysis of assembly data within MGnify. Lorna’s experience in microbiome annotation was developed though her previous role as a scientific curator for InterPro and Pfam, two further resources used in the analysis of MGnify data.

Lorna joined EMBL-EBI from the University of Edinburgh where she was responsible for the eMouseAtlas, a resource providing integrated 3D anatomy and gene expression patterns in the mouse embryo. Lorna’s academic background is in Biotechnology.


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