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Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies




David leads a group of Ontology editors and developers within the Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies (SPOT) team at the EBI, providing semantic solutions for annotating and oranising biomedical data following FAIR principles. The group maintains the popular ontotools suite of web-based tools for searching, browsing and mapping ontologies. It supports ontology content and application needs of teams within the EBI and is involved in a number of international collaborations providing ontology and semantic knowledge base solutions with a focus on single cell biology and phenomics.  The group contributes to widely used biomedical ontoogies including the Experimental Factor Ontology,  Mondo (disease), the Human Phenotype ontology, the Cell Ontology and Uberon (anatomy). Collaborative projects include the BICAN Human and Non-Human Primate Brain Atlas, VirtualFlyBrain, the Cell Annotation Platform the Monarch Initiative, the HCA Data Coordination Platform and the HubMap Common Coordinate Framework.



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