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Interim Director of ELIXIR




Andrew Smith joined ELIXIR in 2011 to manage ELIXIR’s engagement with member states, funders and policy-makers. He also leads on ELIXIR’s engagement with the EU institutions. Andy is responsible for developing ELIXIR’s industry strategy and runs the ELIXIR Innovation SME programme, a series of events aimed ensuring companies are aware of and can access the resources run by ELIXIR partners. Andy also supports ELIXIR’s Industry Advisory Committee.

Andy’s background is in EU research programmes. Previously he worked in Brussels for the UK Research Office (UKRO), covering various research programme and policy fields, including FP7 National Contact Point helpdesks and supporting UK delegations to FP7 Programme Committees. Andy has previously held roles in regional government, focussing on EU Structural Funds, and on education programmes in Slovenia and the Czech Republic.


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