- Team: EMBL-EBI Training - ORCID: 0000-0002-2010-6844 - Location: EMBL-EBI



Vera is a Senior Scientific Project Manager and coordinates a varied portfolio of primarily EU-funded projects; she currently leads the training and dissemination activities for CINECA (co-lead), the EU HPC Centres of Excellence BioExcel and PerMedCoE, leads the RItrainPlus Staff Exchanges programme, and co-leads the training of the EOSC-Life community; she also contributes to ARISE and EOSC Future.

She specialises in assessing the training needs of different research communities by developing competency frameworks and user profiles, which together with a training gap analysis feed into the project training programme. She is experienced in organising, facilitating and assessing the impact of knowledge exchange workshops, staff exchange programmes, training courses and webinar series.

She has previously worked at EMBL-EBI as Scientific Training & Dissemination Officer (Industry Programme office) for the EU FP7 project Data Infrastructure for Chemical Safety (diXa) and at the University of Cambridge as the Clinical Engagement and Training Lead on a Rare Diseases IT Infrastructure project. She came back to EMBL-EBI in 2016 as Training Liaison Officer (Training Team) to work on EU-funded projects (incl. RItrain and ELIXIR EXCELERATE).

Vera has a PhD in Plant Developmental Genetics from the University of York, and started being involved in training & teaching during her PhD.  She holds an MBA, Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures (EMMRI), from the University of Milano Bicocca. She enjoys adding elements of gamestorming to her workshops.


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