MEG3 kissing loops essential for tumour suppression

MEG3 adopts a complex three-dimensional structure to fulfil its tumour suppressor…

By Doreen Feike


An Ouroboros is prevented from eating its own tail by a ribbon of RNA

Role reversal: RNA controls protein function

EMBL scientists identify RNA regulating protein behaviour in switch of normal…

By Josh Tapley


A network of interacting RNAs and proteins is active in each of our cells.

New ways to look at protein-RNA networks

Researchers develop new method to analyse the entire protein-RNA network of the…

By Guest author(s)


RNA-binding protein

Catching up on protein dynamics

The Hentze Lab enhanced a RNA-interactome capture technique to pave the way towards medical…

By Patrick Mueller


New method using silica-based columns simplifies the extraction of DNA – and RNA-protein complexes. IMAGE: Adobe stock

New way to isolate DNA- and RNA-protein complexes

EMBL researchers develop method that simplifies the isolation of DNA- and RNA- protein…

By Berta Carreño


EMBL alumna Elisa Izaurralde.

Obituary: Elisa Izaurralde

Elisa Izaurralde, EMBL alumna, has passed…

By Guest author(s)


Judith Zaugg and Mariana Ruiz Velasco. PHOTO: Marietta Schupp/EMBL

Loops in DNA affect which proteins are coded

EMBL scientists unveil how 3D chromatin structure affects RNA…

By Berta Carreño


In this representation of influenza polymerase, a molecule (white) that strongly inhibits the enzyme’s activity is shown bound to the region of the enzyme (red) that usually binds the cap section of mRNA. IMAGE: EMBL/Cusack Group

Futures: Unravelling influenza

ERC grantee Stephen Cusack shares his vision for the next ten…

By Edward Dadswell


Superimposable structures of the active sites of human DNA polymerase and of a bacterial ribozyme

Enzymes’ superimposable structures revealed

EMBL scientists superimpose structures of two-metal-ion enzymes and reveal new potential drug…

By Berta Carreño


Landline vs. smartphone: the RNA-binding domain lets proteins do more than just talk to other proteins

Discovering protein smartphones

New technique reveals uncharted docking sites in RNA-binding…

By Margaux Phares


DNA protection, inch by inch

European team identify mechanism for producing piRNAs that silence jumping genes in germline…

By Isabelle Kling


RNAcentral launched

RNAcentral Station

RNAcentral is the first unified resource for all types of non-coding RNA…

By Mary Todd Bergman



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