A group of people in an office are holding a videoconference. Some of the participants are wearing masks and gloves

Boosting the life sciences through alumni networks

EMBL’s network of alumni plays a vital role in advancing the life sciences globally. EMBL provides research, services, and infrastructure that help…

By Edward Prior


Chan Zuckerberg grant for Global BioImaging

New grant will increase collaboration between imaging centres and fuel scientific…

By Edward Dadswell

Lab Matters

EMBL scientists extend Turing’s theory to help understand how biological patterns are created. IMAGE - Xavier Diego, EMBL

New insights into Turing patterns

EMBL scientists extend Turing’s theory to help understand how biological patterns are…

By Berta Carreño


Casting the molecular net

Scientists at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital (Canada), the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (Germany), and…

By Guest author(s)


An architectural plan of the cell

Like our body every cell has a skeleton that provides it with a shape, confers rigidity and protects its fragile inner workings. The cytoskeleton is…

By Guest author(s)


A signal that protects the liver from hepatitis and cancer

Liver cancer is one of the deadliest cancers worldwide; every year sees more than 400,000 new cases, and most of the victims die in less than one…

By Guest author(s)


Trees, vines and nets: microbial evolution changes its face

EBI researchers have changed our view of 4 billion years of microbial evolution. Christos Ouzounis and colleagues have gained intriguing quantitative…

By Guest author(s)



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