EMBL Heidelberg

Car parking rooftop with a solar power plant under construction on it.

Solar power

Despite the cold autumn weather, workers are busy on the rooftop of the parking garage at EMBL Heidelberg. The 2176 m² rooftop is getting…

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

Rainbow above the EMBL building in Heidelberg, surrounded by woods.

Under the rainbow

On autumn days without Heidelberg’s characteristic fog, the woods present themself in beautiful colours. You may even capture a…

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

Left: Slice of a cell in grey. Right: Two 3D reconstructions of parts of the slice, showing the internal structure.

Nuclear pores in their natural context

Scientists from the Beck group have studied the 3D structure of nuclear pores in budding yeast. They show how the architecture of the nuclear pore…

By Fabian Oswald


Simone Mattei, the new team leader in electron microscopy service and technology development

Welcome: Simone Mattei

The new team leader offering services in electron microscopy discusses his hopes and plans for the forthcoming EMBL Imaging…

By Edward Prior

Lab Matters

A row of ceiling windows

A bright view of the future

The image shows one of the four rows of roof lights above the atrium, which is the main public space of the Imaging…

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

Springtime in Heidelberg

The iconic ATC – celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year – reflects the blue sky, the clouds and the rays of the…

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week


Science for all: the origins of Native Scientist

How Joana Moscoso bridges the gap between science and…

By Mehdi Khadraoui


New technique for studying living fly larvae

This technique provides a simple but effective way to study the functions of organs in living…

By Patrick Mueller


Five countries and EMBL sign Memorandum of Understanding to make ELIXIR a reality

Today marks an important step for ELIXIR, Europe’s emerging research infrastructure for life-science information, as five countries plus the…

By Guest author(s)

Lab Matters


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