Eileen Furlong

These fluorescence microscopy images of fruit fly embryos demonstrate that the scientists’ computer predictions were correct. As predicted, during the early stages of development (top) a CRM called 1070 is active (red) in the mesoderm (green) – the tissue which will give rise to all muscle types. At a later developmental stage (middle), the same CRM is active (red/pink) in the embryo’s body wall muscle (blue), but not in its gut muscle (green). At the same time (bottom), another CRM, called 5570 (red), drives development in the gut muscle (green) but not in the body wall muscle (blue). Image credit: Furlong/EMBL

Deciphering the regulatory code

Embryonic development is like a well-organised building project, with the embryo’s DNA serving as the blueprint from which all construction details…

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