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Interactive reports sourced with Google Analytics data.

The older embl sites and EMBL News before March 2020 have a different data source from embl.org and News from March 2020. Due to the deep changes in tracking implementation and website development in early 2020, as well as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, the reports for embl.org and older embl sites compare 2021 to 2019 and 2018, instead of 2020.

Frequently asked questions

Rules for tags

Tags should be set following these rules:

  • lowercase
  • singular, except on cases where plural makes more sense, like bacteria, physics, etc.
  • person name: surname only
  • EMBL sites: use “heidelberg” instead of “embl heidelberg”
  • not too specific or using obscure keywords
  • broader keywords are preferable, example: biomedical to biomedicine
Overriding available colours in a block

While it is possible to apply colours or other functionalities, especially using the HTML block, this is not a good practice as it might have unintended consequences. For example, custom colours may not follow Accessibility rules on colour contrast, a legal requirement that EMBL must follow, or coded html might conflict with templates, etc.

If you find that there’s a block or pattern that you want to use but doesn’t exist in the way you need it, discuss with the Digital team to create one or extended current block functionalities.

Missing a question or answer?

Please add other questions and answers that you find suitable.

If you have a question but don’t know the answer, write it and hopefully someone will add an answer.

EMBL Taxonomy

The EMBL taxonomy allows us to tag content such that it can be intelligently re-used on different pages and in different contexts around embl.org.

Who? What? Where?

The taxonomy revolves around these 3 terms to connect and serve related content.

There’s multiple ways to assign an article to the Cuylen group. Is it about someone in the Cuylen group (Who > … > Cuylen group)? Perhaps it was something that the Cuylen group found (What > … > Cuylen group)? It can be both too, you be the judge of what is meaningful to use.

Can I use more than one What/Who/Where?


I can't find a person/group/something in the taxonomy.

The taxonomy only has information about people, groups, services, etc., currently at EMBL. It may also take some time for newcomers to be present on the taxonomy list.

It may be that whatever you’re looking in the taxonomy may never be present, or doesn’t follow a Who/What/Where structure. Place it in tags.

The picker is hard to use and it's difficult to see existing entries

We know and we’re working on it, sorry.

You can also see the taxonomy used in an article by going to Post > All posts and selecting quick edit. You can add, remove and edit taxonomy entries there but it needs to be an exact value or it doesn’t get updated. The digital team can help you if you want to know more about this way of adding taxonomy values.