Protein painting from 2020 PDB Art exhibition, showing two colourful proteins on different coloured backgrounds.

Discover the wonderful world of proteins: first virtual PDB Art exhibition

Schoolchildren create exquisite protein-inspired…

By Oana Stroe

Lab Matters

Eulalia clavigera. Photo credit: Marine Biological Association

Darwin Tree of Life: looking back on 2020

Despite restrictions, 2020 has been a busy year for the Darwin Tree of Life Project. We take a look at some of this year’s achievements and…

By Vicky Hatch


Cells in the holiday spirit

It is that time of year to get into the holiday spirit, prepare for some time at home and relax after a strange and stressful year. Even the cells in…

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

Artists depiction of an adenovirus and in the background a vial of vaccine

How EMBL alumni created a groundbreaking vaccine technology

The story of a life-long friendship and a professional partnership that sowed the seeds for a ground-breaking vaccine…

By Rossana De Lorenzi


Stronger together

Gene activation requires the cooperative activity of multiple transcription factors. Until now, the mechanism used by these factors to coordinate…

By Mathias Jäger


An image of Europe, as seen from space, showing connections between major population sites

EMBL and the European Commission refresh longstanding collaboration

December has seen the start of a new chapter in the collaboration that has for years marked the relationship between the European Commission (EC) and…

By Edward Prior


Snowy mountains behind functional buildings. The Moon is up in the sky.

First powder over EMBL Grenoble

The first snowflakes have fallen on the Vercors Mountains, right behind the EMBL Grenoble building, and an almost full moon is showing up during a…

By Mylène André

Picture of the week

Woman with glasses wearing a parka stands in the snow outside a building at EMBL

EMBL Scientific Visitor Programme opens eyes and doors

Facilitated by EMBL’s Scientific Visitor Programme in 2019, Silvia Dias Almeida spent a year in the Diz-Muñoz group, helping solidify her career…

By Ivy Kupec

Lab Matters

Illustration of a rod-shaped bacterial cell, superimposed on a red and blue background.

Heating proteins to understand how genes work

A new paper from EMBL’s Savitski team and Typas group describes their work on E. coli and how it brings a greater understanding of the way genes…

By Edward Prior


Portrait photo of EMBL group leader Miki Ebisuya against a green background.

EMBL group leader Miki Ebisuya receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Funding by the European Research Council (ERC) will support research on the timing of developmental processes in…

By Marius Bruer

Lab Matters

Windowed façade reflecting leafless trees.

Clear views

With the external scaffolding removed, another step in the construction of the EMBL Imaging Centre is complete. Now we get a first glimpse of the…

By Mathias Jäger

Picture of the week

Female scientist stands in front of electron microscope that is taller than she is

Seeing deeper inside cells

While cryo-electron tomography (cryo-ET) was first envisioned in 1968, the advances the Mahamid group are bringing to this 3D method for studying…

By Ivy Kupec



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