How flu steals your RNA

Understanding how the flu virus steals host RNA offers hope of new drugs

By Rosemary Wilson


fluorescence image of receptor degredation

New insights into receptor balancing

Inducible mechanism found by EMBL scientists links receptor degradation and replenishment

By Laura Howes


A 3D print-out of beta-galactosidase

Happy anniversary, PDBe!

Ewan Birney's nine "Structures of Christmas" celebrate 20 years of PDBe

By Mary Todd Bergman

Lab Matters

Opinion: Fail again, fail better

Iain Mattaj on failure, adventure, determination and the Scientific Method

By Iain Mattaj

Lab Matters

The 2016 intake of EMBL PhD students

First year PhDs complete their training

For the past two months EMBL Heidelberg has hosted around 60 first year PhD students from EMBL’s International PhD Programme (EIPP). From thousands of applicants, the students were selected from over 40 countries to work on their PhD research at one of EMBL’s five sites – Grenoble, Hamburg,…

By Margaux Phares

Lab Matters

capsids in HIV viruses

Structure of HIV capsid within virus visualised

EMBL scientists use new techniques to describe the architecture of conical HIV capsids

By Laura Howes


New Crystallography platform inaugurated

A new crystallography platform in Grenoble opens the door to new technological developments

By Isabelle Kling

Lab Matters

Study offers approach to treating pain

Research on the effect of nerve cell stiffness on sensitivity to touch could lead to new painkillers

By Sonia Furtado Neves


10th PEPC course in Hamburg

The PEPC course celebrated its 10th anniversary in Hamburg from the 12 – 20 September this year

By Rosemary Wilson


Cycle of life

Paul Nurse’s failed experiment inspired a career that would uncover key mechanisms of cell division

By Adam Gristwood



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