Financial support

From the reimbursement of removal expenses to helping you settle in when starting your job at one of our six sites, EMBL offers a range of financial benefits to new staff members.


EMBL reimburses expenses for the removal of staff members (who have a contract of longer than 12 months duration) and their family when they move within a radius of 70 km of the workplace to take up appointment. This includes travel costs and the removal of furniture as well as storage within the volume and time limits defined in the staff regulations. The removal needs to take place during the first year following appointment.

EMBL may also provide financial support for your removal upon leaving EMBL. However, you are advised to check with your new employer / grant awarding body if they provide assistance with regard to travel and removal.

Installation and reinstallation

To cover the extra costs incurred when moving to take up employment at EMBL, an installation grant is paid to each staff member who moves within a radius of 70 km of their work place.

The amount varies, depending on your salary and family situation, between one and three monthly basic salaries within the limits of the defined minima and maxima amounts. If you decide to resign during your first year of employment, you will be required to repay this grant.

A reinstallation grant may also be payable upon finishing your contract with EMBL and having moved to another place of residence.

Travel expenses

Duty travel

EMBL reimburses travel expenses necessarily incurred on official business for the Laboratory.

Home leave

The cost of an economy class return ticket to the home country is reimbursed to non-resident staff members and their family every second year.


When leaving EMBL after a fixed-term contract, you will receive indemnities of 0.5 monthly basic salaries per year of service, provided you have completed three years of service and have not resigned.

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