Postdoctoral Fellow – Birney Research (IndiGene)

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Hinxton, UK

We are looking for an experienced post-doctoral fellow with a strong background in Bioinformatics and a proven track record in genomic data analysis to join the Birney research group at EMBL-EBI as part of an ERC funded project in collaboration with the University of Heidelberg - IndiGene.

Over the last eight years dedicated work has led to the establishment of the first near-isogenic panel from a wild fish population in vertebrates, the inbred medaka MIKK panel. The IndiGene project makes use of this new valuable resource to separate various sources of phenotypic variation, primarily genetic variation, environmental variation and stochastic variation.

We are looking for a highly motivated bioinformatician or computational geneticist to join this exciting project, and to drive specific aspects of this cutting-edge research, including high throughput DNA and RNA bioinformatic analysis using long and short read sequences, genetic association testing using multiple complex traits and the investigation of gene-environment (GxE) effects.

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The primary datasets and analysis areas for this role involve DNA and RNA experiments using Illumina and Nanopore (ONT) sequences both at high depth across all MIKK panel lines and at lower depth across thousands of F2 cross offspring. You will work on the assembly of individual reference genomes for each of the MIKK panel lines using very high depth Illumina and ONT datasets with a focus on graph-based genome representations. Here we will build on initial methods we have piloted using a subset of the MIKK panel to jointly interrogate genetic variation across the panel using genomes graphs.

The second major dataset and research project involves the large-scale analysis of RNA expression level across all MIKK panel lines, in 8 different tissue types across at least 2 different environments. This analysis project will allow us to explore expression differences across panel members, across different tissue types and will allow us to interrogate gene to environment (GxE) effects. Finally, multiple F2 cross experiments will provide additional datasets using high-throughput sequencing and phenotyping for genetic association testing at scale.


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Closing date: 15 June 2021

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