Having a decade-long history as a key provider of open and FAIR data and services for the life sciences, EMBL regards EOSC as the missing link between its own data resources and those data sets from other disciplines and has significantly contributed to the EOSC development.

What is EOSC

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is a joint initiative from the European Commission (EC), its Member States, Associate Countries and stakeholders from different research communities aiming to federate the access to research data and complementary services across all scientific disciplines and European borders under a common governance structure.

In order to establish a multi-disciplinary environment where researchers can publish, find and re-use data, tools and services, the EOSC development follows an iterative process. More precise information on the current state of the EOSC development process as well as the most up-to-date priority actions and outcomes, can be found in the latest Multi-Annual Roadmap (MAR) on the EOSC-Association website.


Rupert Lück, Head of IT Services and EMBL Delegate to the EOSC Association

Jessica Klemeier, Project Officer
Email: jessica.klemeier@embl.de

EMBL's involvement in EOSC

Over the past years, EMBL has significantly contributed to the development of EOSC in various ways. This engagement has not only brought additional visibility in areas where EMBL was not prominently known before, but also has significantly shaped the direction in which EOSC is moving forward.

Over the past ten years, EMBL has been involved in more than 15 EOSC related and preceding projects, all adding up to a total funding of more than €13.3 million. A full list of EOSC projects with EMBL involvement can be found in the table below.

Via its membership in the EOSC Association and the related Task Forces, EMBL regularly provides input on strategic documents such as the updated versions of the SRIA and the Multi-Annual Roadmap ensuring our interests are duly taken into account. The EMBL internal EOSC Forum thereby serves as a means to collect feedback and input for the respective documents.

Additionally, in early 2023, the EOSC Association has set up a new operational Working Group for the ESFRI RIs, in which EMBL is an active participant.

Prominent EOSC projects with EMBL involvement

Latest news and events

As EMBL is engaged in relations with numerous institutions in its member states and beyond, maintaining and fostering close relations and dialogue with the scientific communities and government representatives are of key importance to our organisation. These international relations are established and nurtured at a political, institutional and scientific level in Europe and worldwide.