In its engagement in European science policy issues, EMBL has a long-standing and close cooperation with the members of the EIROforum (European Intergovernmental Research Organisation forum).

The eight EIROforum organisations have extensive expertise in the areas of basic research and the management of large, international infrastructures, facilities and research programmes.

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It is the mission of EIROforum to combine the resources, facilities and expertise of its member organisations to support European science in reaching its full potential. EIROforum interacts with the European Commission and other organs of the European Union, other research networks and organisations, industry, science teachers, students and journalists.

EIROforum is governed by a Council consisting of the Directors-General (or equivalents) of the member organisations. The day-to-day activities of EIROforum are overseen by the Coordination Group, which comprises of senior officials of the partner organisations. It also looks after the work of the thematic working groups and prepares the bi-annual meetings of the Council. The thematic working groups (TWG) along with ad-hoc working groups convene on a regular basis to propose and implement activities of joint interest. These four TWG focus on ‘International Affairs’, ‘Instrumentation’, ‘Information Technology’, and ‘Technology Transfer’.

For additional information about EIROforum and its activities, please visit the EIROforum website.

Position papers

EIROforum also publishes position papers on science policy issues.

EIROforum science policy

As EMBL is engaged in relations with numerous institutions in its member states and beyond, maintaining and fostering close relations and dialogue with the scientific communities and government representatives are of key importance to our organisation. These international relations are established and nurtured at a political, institutional and scientific level in Europe and worldwide.