EMBL Media Portal: Data protection requirements

Guidance note on the uploading of images and videos in EMBL's Media Portal in relation to data protection law.

Before storing images in EMBL's Media Portal (Bynder) please ensure that all images are only used after prior consent of the data subjects, and that the data subjects are informed about their rights under the IP68 – which includes the rights to access personal data, to withdraw consent at any time (Article 5 al. 2 - Conditions of Consent), and the right to be forgotten (Article 13 al.1 e – Right to Erasure).

In order to comply with the Right to Erasure, it is recommended that every photo that is ever captured will ideally have all kinds of metadata, to give every single file more information in order to facilitate you to find, share, reuse, and erase them easier through tagging them with metadata.