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Laser scanning confocal microscope system – Leica TCS SP5

Location: Room 42

System specifications

Confocal microscope system with a broad range of scan speeds suited for high-resolution morphological imaging, as well as multispectral imaging.

  • 350-900 nm spectral detection range with 5 nm spectral resolution and sub-micron spatial resolution
  • Suitable for most fluorophores from DAPI to Cy5
  • Measuring up to five dimensions, including x, y, z, time and spectrum
  • Capable of multi-dimensional fluorescence qualitative and quantitative measurement, FRET, FRAP, FLIP, FLAP and other photobleaching-related applications
  • Suitable for imaging fixed specimen (No environmental chamber).

Internal Detectors

  • Spectral detection channels: PMT1, PMT2, PMT3
  • Brightfield transmission channel: PMT Trans

Multi-dimension capability: xyz, xzy, xt, xyt, xzt, xyzt, xy, xz, xyt, xyz


  • Manual moving X, Y stage
  • Motorized z stage (piezo-controlled) with 166.68 µm scanning range

Zoom range: 1x-32x

Pinhole size: 20 µm-600 µm

Contrast enhancement options: Brightfield, DIC and polarized

Software: Leica LAS AF, Version 1.7.0, for image acquisition and processing


Conventional scanner: 10-1400 Hz (2-3 frames/sec at 512 x 512 pixels)

Internal detectors

Reflection/fluorescence mode (spectral detection range 400-800 nm)

  • Spectral detection channels: PMT1, PMT2, PMT3
  • Additional PMT in transmission mode


TypeWavelenght (nm)Dyes and use
UV405DAPI, Hoechst
Argon458, 476, 488, 496, 514CyanFP, GFP, Alexa488, CY2, YFP
HeNe543Alexa 546, Alexa 555
HeNe633Cy5, Alexa 647
  • An acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) controls the intensity of the visible excitation laser light.
  • An acousto-optical beam splitter (AOBS) is used to split excitation light and emission light instead of filter blocks.


Leica DMI 6000 CS AFC Bino inverted microscope with motorized XY-stage


MagnificationNA        TypeImmersionCoverslipWD (mm)
   20x0.5PL Fluotar UV optimisedDry– / 0.170.68
40x1.25HC PL Apo UV optimisedOil0.170.65
   63x1.4HC PL Apo UV optimisedOil0.170.14

Fluorescent source

Leica EL6000External light source for fluorescence excitation (alignment-free, mercury metal halide bulb with an extremely long lifetime of more than 2000 hours)

Fluorescence filter sets

NameExcitation filterEmission filterDichroic
ABP 340 – 380 nmLP 425 nm400 nm
I3BP 450- 490 nmLP 515 nm510 nm
N2.1BP 515-560LP 590580 nm

Power up and down procedure

  • Please contact Alvaro Crevenna to schedule a session
  • Report problems on the Log file

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