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Advanced Light Microscopy Facility
Middle East Technical University
Central Laboratory
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology R&D Center
06531 Ankara

Can Özen

E-mail: canozen(at)metu.edu.tr

Middle East Technical University

Department of Biological Sciences
06531, Ankara, TURKEY

Cagdas D. Son

Tel: 90- 312- 210 6472
Fax: 90- 312- 210 7976
E-mail: cson(at)metu.edu.tr

Hacettepe University
Faculty of Medicine
Dept. of Histology-Embryology

Sinan Yuruker

Tel: 90- 312- 305 2145
Fax: 90- 312- 310 0580
E-mail: sinany(at)hacettepe.edu.tr

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Facilities in Turkey