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Neural Stem Cell Lab. (Room 537)
Institute of Medical Biology,
8A Biomedical Grove,
#06-06, Immunos,
Singapore 138648
Sohail Ahmed

Tel: + 65-6407-0165
Fax: + 65-6464-2048
E-mail: sohail.ahmed(at)imb.a-star.edu.sg

IMB Microscopy Unit
Institute of Medical Biology
8A Biomedical Grove
#06-06 Immunos
Singapore 138648
Graham Wright

Tel: +65 6407 0167
E-mail: graham.wright(at)imb.a-star.edu.sg

National University of Singapore
T-Lab, #10-01
5A Engineering Drive 1
Singapore 117411
Edna Xian Hu

Tel: +65 9626 1372
E-mail: edna(at)nus.edu.sg

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 Facilities in Singapore