EMBL Barcelona Administration

A skilled team whose work is to support scientists and their science.

The EMBL Barcelona Administration team is committed to facilitate and foster science, working together with researchers to achieve the same goals.

With a very diverse set of expertise, each member of the team is working to enable scientists to be their best. In a large and complex international organisation, it is essential to ensure an efficient performance of all day-to-day tasks. The EMBL Barcelona Administration team works to assist and accompany scientists providing a high-standard service.

But we also aim to be strategic partners in the development of new collaborations, the opening of new opportunities and paving the way for new stakeholder involvement with our science.

Furthermore, EMBL Barcelona’s Administration team have international experience and are aware of the complexities that arise when moving to a new country. We are here to help and assist staff to navigate through the challenges of the discovery of a new culture.

Before you even arrive at the EMBL Barcelona campus, the team will be in touch to ensure that you have all necessary documents needed for your arrival and to see if you have any concerns or questions in advance of relocating. Our door is always open for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

With more than 200 staff, in all support areas, ranging from caretakers and gardeners to senior management staff, EMBL Administration provides administrative support to more than 1600 members of personnel from in excess of 75 nations.