EMBL Imaging Centre

Cutting-edge electron and light microscopy technologies


Upon full operation – which is planned for autumn 2021 – the EMBL Imaging Centre will provide access to users, support their projects from sample preparation to image analysis with expert staff, and will offer tailored training opportunities in the highest resolution EM and LM technologies, including academically developed methods not yet commercially available.

During interim operation, the EMBL Imaging Centre is providing access to cryo-EM services in collaboration with EMBL’s Structural and Computational Biology Unit, available for use by external scientists with both single particle and tomography projects.

All interested scientists need to submit a brief application through one of the access mechanisms:

  • iNEXT Discovery: For single particle cryo-EM data acquisition, cryo-electron tomography and cryo-CLEM-TEM. iNEXT Discovery, an H2020 project funds costs related to the microscope access, travel and accommodation of scientists. Apply for access here.
  • Instruct-ERIC: For all electron microscopy services and techniques. Only for researchers from Instruct member countries. Instruct-ERIC can fund the consumables, travel and accommodation for access visits. For more information on what Instruct-ERIC pays for, consult Funding for Access and apply for access here.
  • EMBL Imaging Centre: Contacting us directly via e-mail: ic-contact@embl.de: For all LM and EM services, if none of the above applies or if you simply need advice. Applications for our cryo-EM services via this access route should be made using our application form. This process is also curated by external referees and users will need to contribute to the running costs of the cryo-electron microscopes.

Non-academic users (industry) should contact us directly (e-mail: ic-contact@embl.de) with their access inquiries.

Contact us – we are here to help

Please contact us with any questions you might have. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your questions.

We highly recommend contacting the EMBL IC for technical consultation prior to proposal submission.

E-mail: ic-contact@embl.de

Access to the most advanced microscopy technologies

Sample preparation by expert technical staff

Tailored support with image analysis by experts

Advanced training of users and facility staff