Alumni Relations

Meet and connect with the EMBL Community, find out how EMBL Resources can benefit you, Make a difference to EMBL with your time, expertise, networks or through giving

World Alumni Day 2021

10:00-15:00: The EMBL Alumni Association board meeting

Board members meet to discuss priorities for the coming year (closed event).

16:00-17:15: EMBL Alumni Awards Ceremony

Celebrate two exceptional individuals and learn about their outstanding work

Ilaria Piazza: John Kendrew Young Scientist Award recipient. Award will be presented by Kiran Patil.
Ken Holmes: Lennart Philipson Award recipient. Award and lecture will be presented by Gerd Rosenbaum.

17:30-18:30: EMBL World Alumni Hour

Join us for our annual spotlight on EMBL, its alumni and the world.Guests who will join Angus Lamond during the hour include:

  • Fátima Gebauer, Group Leader, CRG Barcelona; Chair of EMBL Alumni Association
  • Jessica Vamathevan, Head of Strategy, EMBL
  • Matthias Hentze, Director, EMBL
  • Plamena Markova, Head of International Relations, EMBL
  • Roshni Mooneeram, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, EMBL
  • Thomas Vaccari, Associate Professor, University of Milan

18:30-19:30: A drink with EMBL

Toast to the community. Relax, catch up and enjoy a facilitated chat.
Alumni Moderators: Giulio Superti-Furga and Nadia Rosenthal.