Alumni Relations

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World Alumni Day 2020

15:00-15:30: Q&A with the EMBL Alumni Association Board

Meet the new board members, hear their priorities and share your thoughts.

Fatima Gebauer (Chair), Christian Engel (Vice Chair), Anne-Marie Glynn (Vice Chair), Annabel Goulding (Treasurer), Angel Chong (Treasurer), Julius Brennecke, Marina Chekulaeva, Mark Green, Johanna Höög, Anne-Sophie Huart, Isabel Palacios, Ramesh Pillai, Kai Simons, Ernst Stelzer, Pavel Tomancak, Erin Tranfield.
Moderator: alumna Fátima Gebauer

16:00-17:15: EMBL Alumni Awards Ceremony

Watch the session
Winners: Giorgia Guglielmi (JKA) and John van der Oost (LPA)
Presenter: Iain Mattaj (JKA) and Martin Jinek (LPA)
Moderator: alumna Fátima Gebauer

17:30-18:30: EMBL World Alumni Hour

Watch the session
Engage with EMBL Director General Edith Heard as she discusses the direction of the next EMBL Programme. Be inspired by alumni contributions towards a healthier planet. Learn about and support the Environmental Research Initiative and Fund presented by EMBL Director Matthias Hentze.
Moderator: alumnus Angus Lamond

18:30-19:30: A drink with EMBL

Toast to the community – don’t forget your drink!
Relax, catch up and enjoy a facilitated chat
Moderator: alumnus Giulio Superti-Furga


How to connect:

Watch live and participate in the discussions
Make contributions on Twitter and Instagram using #EMBLalumni – sharing your research contributions towards environmental challenges

Mark your diaries! The 2021 EMBL World Alumni Day will be held on Friday 16 July 2021!